Series 7


von Alan Smithee
This film really is good and have been looking forward to seeing it for ages. It’s made in the style of all the Survivor 'game' programmes except that here the game is to be the last one alive. Also, you don’t CHOOSE to be on the programme you are chosen by random selection of your social security number and you HAVE to take part. Those that don’t have to suffer the consequences (literally). The prize is staying alive and the interesting bit about this is not just the contenders themselves but the reactions of their families (I found the parents of the young girl especially scary!) The dictatorship of the media - people are put into positions so that they can’t refuse to take part or quit. Even suicide is forbidden and if somebody tries it they re-animate him. This film was really well done (including the trailers to the series, the hype ads, down to the 'viewer discretion is advised' notice.
Alan Smithee
sah diesen Film im Cinema, München

25.07.2001, 11:41

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