Palm Springs


von untitled91
I can't really imagine a better movie opening this year's Fantasy Film Fest. In a year where most of the physical festivals get cancelled, you need an uplifting crowdpleaser for the opening night. Being caught in a time loop can feel pretty realistic in pandemic times and I believe this movie could give some comfort for the past months.

The chemistry between Adam Sandberg and Cristin Milioti is irresistible. Especially seeing Cristin Milioti (after being an HIMYM fanboy for ages) on the big screen was a delight. The pacing and the flow of scenes in the first 30 min are perfect. Watching it the second time I could only wonder how important information were elegantly withhold for the benefit of the story and how the mystery builds into such a momentum until the main characters finally decide to enjoy their time in the time loop.

I just can't shake the feeling that PALM SPRINGS loses some of its strength in the final act, when the mystery turns into a more conventional affair and the two leads simply don't spend much time together. Anyway I am sure it's one of the best comedies of 2020 and I am glad I watched it again in a (corona-) sold-out cinema.
sah diesen Film im Kino in der Kulturbrauerei , Berlin

11.09.2020, 12:05

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