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ARCHIVE turned out as a strong surprise after having serious problems with its world-building in the first 20 minutes. The scenes don't seem to flow organically into each other in the beginning and it's hard to figure out what they are trying to tell. It felt like one of these superficial high polished mediocre Sci-Fi-B-Movies. Furthermore I am not a big fan of Theo James (he definitely has some issues with putting glasses on). Later it turns out that disliking his character is a hidden strength of the script. Still not the smartest casting decision. Eventually ARCHIVE won me over and turned me onto its mystery. The production design and special effects are impressive. The grainy 35 mm look (might be shot digital anyway) is a great contrast to the futuristic designs and developments. The setting is not very unique but the Japanese mountains and forest make a great environment especially considering the final plot developments. I think on an emotional basis the script finds the fine line between the sentimental and unease, or between thoughtful high-concept and simple entertainment. The script touches not only questions about future technologies and their ambivalent meaning but also on afterlife, holding on to your lost loved ones, toxic masculinity and one-sided relationships. There is a bittersweet undertone even in the more romantic passages. Stacy Martin is mesmerizing as ever. There is a magical scene where her character rediscovers the beauty of music and dances to a song by LA FEMMES. And finally we have a twist that really pays off.
sah diesen Film im Kino in der Kulturbrauerei , Berlin - Original-Review

11.09.2020, 12:07

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