von untitled91
The kind of direct-to-dvd trash crime movie the Fantasy Film Fest crowd inevitable gets exposed to. The plot is ridiculous. Every plot twist feels like it was actually announced minutes before. Simon Pegg is simply stunt casted. In the course of the movie the two main actors start an overacting competition and I am not sure Lily Collins is actually losing it. The screenwriters threw in some contemporary political discussion but are taking it nowhere and I am not sure if they knew that they were talking about. Still I didn't have a bad time, following this giant mess unfold itself over the course of its overlong 110 min. It had some pretty nice over the top 90’s flair and sometimes I miss this kind of storytelling. I would be angry if I expected a thoughtful thriller but the Letterboxd score and the reviews warned me enough. Still only recommended if you want to see something rather bad.
sah diesen Film im Kino in der Kulturbrauerei , Berlin - Original-Review

11.09.2020, 12:12

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