Bring Me Home


von untitled91
A very dark and very tragic Crime-Drama from South Korea. For a debut the movie looks very, very good. The cinematography and grimy style tie together the genre mix presented here. Its equal parts hostage mystery, character study, social commentary and dark revenge thriller. Most of the drama unfolds in an unagitated manner, but slowly getting more intensive. Therefore, it feels irritating that the inhabitants of the rural island are drawn without any subtlety, instead embodying the walking crime clichés. Aiming for a more realistic approach with real life characters would have made the emotional attachment definitely stronger (as done very well with the protagonist Jung-yeon). Same goes for the too many twists right before the ending. However, after having seen many disappointing Korean thrillers at the Fantasy Film Fest in the last couple of years, this one has its qualities in execution and drama.
sah diesen Film im Kino in der Kulturbrauerei , Berlin - Original-Review

11.09.2020, 13:22

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