Bride of Re-Animator

The real Bat Man ;-)

von Roughale
Now that is a sequel!

Maybe not the best of all time and maybe even not as good as the first one, but a load of fun indeed and a nicely structured intro sequence with realistic blood scenes.

It’s a shame that the end feels a bit like they ran out of film and only pasted the ending titles at the end, but that does in no way ruin the real fun.

This is a real return movie, we get the mad scientist back (re-defining that role: Jeffrey Combs), we get his assistant back as well as his adversary. But most importantly we get the soundtrack again, which I hated at the opening of Re-Animator, hummed it after it was over and cheered when it returned here.

Nice one, Brian Y - can’t wait for Beyond Re-Animator
sah diesen Film im Cinemaxx, Hamburg

20.08.2001, 17:28

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