Faust: Love of the Damned

Introduced by Yuzna himself...

von Roughale
One of the highlights of the 2001 FFF as it was the only picture that was introduced by the director himself, well maybe he did not have a lot to say, but it was good as he stayed and was open to questions afterwards (way after half past midnight...).

This was a comic book film version and such films follow certain schemes and rules and should be reviewed as such. The gore factor was high as expected and pleased most in the crowd.

Jeffrey Combs was there again, but in a different role as detective, not bad, but he was better as mad scientist in the Re-Animator films or shy and mad detective in The Frighteners.

All other roles were acted ok, no complaints or high praises here...

The costume of Faust was very ok, I really liked the similarities to the Batman costume and the steel claws were much better than the weak X-Men...

Maybe not Yuzna’s best film, but definitely not his worst, I liked it!
sah diesen Film im Cinemaxx, Hamburg

20.08.2001, 19:01

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