Aus dem offiziellen Programm:
Der von Morro Images meisterhaft animierte StrAngel läuft in 3D vor Cottage Country. Bitte Brille nicht vergessen!

EDGAR, an unsympathetic bachelor who devoted himself to the compulsive logic of reason and the categorical imperative, not only denies the existence of coincidences and strokes of fate, he also despises those to which the inexplicable happens.

True to the motto: “Every man forges his own destiny” EDGAR sees himself as the most talented of all blacksmiths. Bad luck is something for others, if someone experiences it – it is just their own fault.

But fate (in the form of a truly strange angel) is on the point of sending him on a tour riddled with coincidences and misfortunes, to disabuse him…

In Hamburg und Köln wurde der Film in 2D gezeigt.

Selbstredend kann jeder Trailer potentiell Spoiler enthalten!

Score (BETA): 56 - 5.6 Sterne (20 Bewertungen)

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