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An ordinary job interview becomes a battle for life or death when Vincent Kincaid rates a 'K-7' on his psychological profile. But what does 'K-7' mean? Vincent Kincaid needs a job. He’s even undergone a rigorous psychological exam to prove he’s the right man for the job. The only other applicant, Ernie, is a conspiracy nut with psychopathic tendencies, who gleefully insists this company is actually a CIA front. It is. In fact, the CIA has taken a keen interest in Vincent Kincaid. The psychological profile has rated Vincent a 'K-7': a perfect killer. It has to be a mistake -- or is it? The CIA wants to give Vincent the job, all right -- as a hired assassin. His first mission: kill the other applicant.

Score (BETA): 75 - 7.5 Sterne (22 Bewertungen)

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