Little Shop of Horrors

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von Alan Smithee
The first time I saw 'Little Shop of Horrors' I was sprawled out on my couch, very young and quie ill. It was some of the best medicine I could hope for, let me tell you! I am not fond of musicals, but this one pushes the envelope in every way. It is a laugh a minute and a buffet of eye candy that makes you think that computer animation is highly over-rated. Almost every night for a long time I’d watch it when I went to bed until I fell asleep. I’d draw the Audrey 2 constantly (usually eating my characters or being shot by the Ghostbusters). I recently rediscovered the film, and oh what a treat! Suddenly the humor my 5 year old mind didn’t comprehend comes out in full focus and I feel like I am seeing Frank Oz’ masterpiece for the first time.
Alan Smithee

17.08.2001, 06:58

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